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Moving a Less-than-Perfect Property

December 27th, 2022 by admin

Every now and then we come across some tough listings — a house with a backyard backed to I-66, a house with an abandoned property next door, or the one with small room size and limited windows. Eventually every listing gets sold.

There are some thiings that we just cannot change about a house, but we can always change the price and the condition for sale. There is a price point that’s low enough to make the property attractive to buyers. However, not many sellers want to short change themselves. There are some investments that are worthwhile. For instance, having a house staged. By decluttering the house, re-arranging furniture and adding accent to the walls, tables and night stands, you will give a refreshing look to the house. Painting the house to a more neutral color and installing new carpets can easily yield good results. Try to get rid of any strange smells if any. Keep the lights on if possible to have the rooms look bright and inviting. Emphasize the interior in a house with a bad location. Using plants to obscure undesirable views. A location that may be a deal breaker to one person could be less important to someone else. If someone likes the home enough and the price and condition are right, they are willing to overlook a negative feature.

Whether a home is in poor condition and in a bad location, using creativity, being courteous and using common sense can turn a difficult listing into w successful sale.

Keys to selling fast and at top dollars in today’s market

September 13th, 2022 by admin

Keys to selling fast and at top dollars in today’s market

The best outcome for any home seller is to get the highest price possible on their property hassle-free. To make that possible, seller has to wear the buyer’s cap and think from buyer’s perspective. Normal resale (not distressed homes) typically target regular buyers who want to either live in the house or rent it out as an investment. What attracts this kind of buyers most is a well-cared for home that has a great curb appeal in the exterior and clean, uncluttered look in the interior.

It is not difficult to create that attractive appeal but it does take effort and sometimes a small financial investment. De-cluttering the space is a must, followed by a fresh new coat of paint and new carpet (both in neutral color) if they look worn. If the bathrooms and kitchen look outdated, consider remodeling them. Next, place the furniture strategically to create a spacious, homey feel. Put in some nice matching pillows on sofas and beds. Clear up any counter space in kitchen and bathrooms and place clean, neutral towels on racks. Add vases of flowers on side tables and dining tables if applicable. Replace any broken windows, screens and blinds.

As for the exterior, remove weeds and trim back shrubs. Plant new flower beds and apply mulch to add a fresh look.

If you follow the tips above and price the house reasonably, there is no reason for the property to sit on the market.

Selling properties at above $1M

June 26th, 2022 by admin

Even though the housing market in general is picking up pretty well in the Greater Washington DC market, properties priced above $1M still post a challenge in many neighborhoods. There are a few reasons for this. First, the target market for properties in the upper brackets is much smaller. The household income has to reach a certain level in order to qualify for mortgage. The income range will be around $200K depending on debt-to-income level, amount of downpayment, credit score and loan terms. The down payment requirement is much higher as well in absolute financial terms. For a $1M house, 20% down payment will mean $200,000 plus closing costs. Most people who purchase properties at higher bracket will need to unload their existing home to come up with the downpayment for a new purchase. All these said, if the property is priced right, shows well and is located in a desirable neighborhood, it will receive offers. Sellers just need to be a bit more realistic in terms of the length of time the listing will sit on the market.

Helpful Tips for Home Sellers

November 27th, 2021 by admin

Keep detailed records of all moving expenses if your move is job related. Many expenses, including house-hunting trips, are tax deductible. If you move 35 miles or more from your home, you can deduct your family’s travel expenses, such as meals and lodging; moving costs of your furniture and household goods; food and hotel bills for up to 30 days if you have to wait to move into your new home; and the costs related to selling your home. There is a ceiling on deduction. Please see IRS’ Publication 521 for detail.