Moving a Less-than-Perfect Property

December 27, 2022

Every now and then we come across some tough listings — a house with a backyard backed to I-66, a house with an abandoned property next door, or the one with small room size and limited windows. Eventually every listing gets sold.

There are some thiings that we just cannot change about a house, but we can always change the price and the condition for sale. There is a price point that’s low enough to make the property attractive to buyers. However, not many sellers want to short change themselves. There are some investments that are worthwhile. For instance, having a house staged. By decluttering the house, re-arranging furniture and adding accent to the walls, tables and night stands, you will give a refreshing look to the house. Painting the house to a more neutral color and installing new carpets can easily yield good results. Try to get rid of any strange smells if any. Keep the lights on if possible to have the rooms look bright and inviting. Emphasize the interior in a house with a bad location. Using plants to obscure undesirable views. A location that may be a deal breaker to one person could be less important to someone else. If someone likes the home enough and the price and condition are right, they are willing to overlook a negative feature.

Whether a home is in poor condition and in a bad location, using creativity, being courteous and using common sense can turn a difficult listing into w successful sale.

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