Kirin Realty offers a variety of educational seminars in the DC Metro area for buyers, sellers, and those who want to learn about real estate investing.

Seminars are held on select Saturdays each month from 9:30-11:00AM at our offices at 7115 Leesburg Pike Suite 318, Falls Church VA 22043. For more information call 703-636-4388.

Most seminars are free. We hope to see you at a Kirin Realty Seminar soon!

Following is a list of some of the many seminars we’ve hosted. If you are interested in a particular topic, give us a call to learn when we’ll be scheduling another.

Real Estate and Real Estate Investing

Why Rent When You Can Afford to Buy

What’s going on in the DC-metro real estate market? Is this a good time to buy? Where do I begin? One of our most popular seminars, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to decide whether home ownership is right for you including finances and mortgages, homeowners and title insurance, and budgets. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions of top experts about what is really happening with the real estate industry and how to become a homeowner.

Buy a New Home or Remodel an Existing One?

Most homeowners have this dilemma: Should I buy a new home or remodel my current house? What are the decisive factors? Which remodeling projects yield the best returns? What are some popular remodeling trends? All these questions are addressed in this informative seminar.

12 Key Contract Terms Every Buyer and Seller Should Know

A contract is a legally binding agreement. How can both buyer and seller protect themselves and their financial interests? What do buyers typically ask for in contract offers? What are the legitimate ways for buyers to back out of a contract? What are seller’s rights when a buyer fails to come to settlement? What happens when buyer and seller disagree after the contract becomes ratified? Find out at this informational session.

Real Estate Investing

Housing prices have increased steadily in many neighborhoods since prices dipped in bit in the Fall of 2023. Inventory is still tight, especially for properties below $600K. Is it too late to buy investment properties now if you want positive cash flow? What’s the investment process, what are your financing options and how can you handle residential property management? This is a perfect class for beginners to gain an overview about real estate investing.

Real Estate Investing from a Financial Perspective

A real estate investment is the right investment when the numbers make sense for you. Learn how investors evaluate and compare properties from a financial perspective. This workshop addresses key quantitative factors that help investors make objective and sound decisions.

Evaluating Investment Properties

Buying investment properties takes a different skill set. Investors must ensure that property location, condition, purchase price and competitive rental price make sense. This is a hands-on workshop where we meet at an actual property site to discuss both qualitative and quantitative factors for proper property evaluation.

What is Your Investment Strategy?

Investors often face many decisions: residential or commercial, condos or detached homes, flip or hold, mortgage financing or cash, and so on. In this workshop we explore different investment options, their requirements, benefits and drawbacks. We also discuss the time horizon and profit margin for cash building platforms and cash-equity accumulation strategies.

Real Estate Investing — Maximizing Tax Deductions from Your Investment Properties

This seminar covers common tax deductions that most landlords overlook, such as how to handle closing costs incurred when the property is being refinanced, and much more. An experienced tax expert shares valuable, money-saving tips.

How to be a Landlord 101

Being a landlord can be a challenge, but you can keep headaches to a minimum if you begin the process properly and plan ahead. This seminar answers these questions and more: How can you find good and responsible tenants? What do you look for when evaluating applicants? Should you allow pets in the house? What are the responsibilities of a tenant? What are your options if the property is not delivered in a decent condition at the end of the lease term? What can you expect if you manage a property yourself? What options do you have if you cannot handle day-to-day property operation and maintenance?

Overcoming Landlord Challenges

We discuss common issues of being a landlord and provide solutions to overcoming those challenges. We cover the eviction process and different ways to protect your investment properties. This is an excellent class for existing and would-be landlords.

Personal and Professional Growth

Will I Make a Good Realtor?

Have you ever wondered if you’d make a good real estate agent? What does it take to succeed in selling real estate in this diverse market? Is the job as glamorous as portrayed on TV? How much money do realtors make? Can you start your career on a part time basis? Join us to learn the inside scoop about this exciting profession which can be fun, challenging and rewarding!

How to Take the Leap From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

What do successful people have in common? What do they do that sets them apart? Everyone has the potential to live a fulfilling life if they choose to, by taking a few simple steps.

Recharging Your Life

Happiness does not depend on circumstance, but rather on how a person views himself/herself, others and the world. Learn the secrets that can instantly recharge you and give you the halo that attracts positive relationships.

Networking Essentials: Overcoming Personal Fear and Cultural Barriers

Networking can be a daunting activity for many people. Whether you work for someone or are embarking on your own enterprise, networking is an essential element of personal and professional growth. Learn the why, where and how of professional networking. This 1-hour session will empower you to get the most out of holiday gatherings, business functions and beyond.

10 Savvy Steps for a Stylish Home with Future Resale Value

When decorating your home with future resale in mind, what are the choices that bring you the best return on investment for your home? Learn how to increase the enjoyment you get from your home today without making changes that could lower your home value tomorrow. A professional interior designer shares decorating advice and tips.

Do’s and Don’ts of Home Decoration

An interior designer discusses the Do’s and Don’ts of furniture and accessory placement and demonstrates how simple position and layout makes a big difference in a room. Learn how to change your home décor with each season so your home looks lovely and seasonally appropriate all year around.

Applying Feng Shui in Your Home

Bringing Feng Shui elements into your house is not just about making physical changes, it is about giving significance to each and every object in your home so that it has positive effect (or positive Chi as it is called in Feng Shui) on a particular space, your home and your life. This is a masterminding session for Feng Shui starters and enthusiasts to mingle and learn from one another.

Home Maintenance Essentials

Maintaining your home is an integral part of homeownership. With proper care, a house can last for generations. In this seminar, we will discuss the tell-tale signs that require our attention to prevent disastrous damages and costly repairs. We will cover preventive measures for both interior and exterior of the home.